Tannin of Ironhaven

Tannin's life gets turned upside down when he meets two mysterious figures in the sleepy town of Ironhaven. After saving his life, Tannin gets drawn into a simple quest that he plays a larger role in than he could have ever imagined. Written by father-daughter duo Mike and Kylynn Conley (11yrs old), this short story is full of adventure, twists, and heart. Follow Tannin on his journey as he discovers the true power of friendship and the importance of standing up for what you believe in. 

This is Kylynn's first foray into writing. She determined the genre, the story, the plot points, the character, and drafted some of the text. Mike took all that, added some humor and put it into a short story with Kylynn having full editorial decision making rights. This was a fun activity to get my Kylynn, who loves books, a chance to see what it takes to be a writer. 

Tannin of Ironhaven is a fun, feel good urban fantasy. 

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