Past the Fall

The world was over. At least, that’s what we thought at the time. But life always finds a way and so do we. It’s ten years past the fall of society. Ten years past the fall of man. Ten years past the fall of everything. The world past the fall is hard, but some of us are harder. We have made progress, but we still must question, do we have what it takes to survive? What it takes to truly live? The will to do what needs to be done? The jury is out for many, but a select few called the 13 do.

Past the Fall is a look into a society attempting to rebuild. Trying not to lose all human progress and bring humanity from the brink of extinction. The Zombie apocalypse happened, but not how many thought it would. And with it came the worst in human behaviour. A group of survivors, the 13, decided they would do whatever it takes to survive and thrive. To bring back society from the brink of extinction. And they would be ruthless, if needed, to do so. This is their story, 10 years after the Fall. But their story isn’t the only one. The Fallen has a new story too.

Zombies in Past the Fall are science based, and the rules for them are not what humans fantasized about.

Past the Fall is a post zombie apocalypse story. Please give it a try. First three episodes are always free on Vella. 

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