Destiny's Crow - Afterverse book 2

Status: ON HOLD

Currently in a coma, Artis’s reality has taken a few twists.

Zoe, the rest of the crew, and friends step up to repair the Destiny’s Crow and find a cure for Artis and Val. On the run from The Faithful, they are in for some surprises and must seek assistance from what will become a close relationship and friendship. But the faithful are insidious and a determined to capture Zoe.

Along the way, Artis, Zoe, and the team learn some truly heinous things about an incredibly evil plan of the Faithful. Artis, being driven by a strong sense of right and wrong must work to defend the universe against seemingly unsurmountable odds. Ultimately, leading to a showdown like none you have read.

What will come of our team during this time of discovery and risk? And how does the team evolve and build relationships under these amazingly stressful conditions?

If you like things in the Sci-Fi Space Opera/Space Fantasy/light Sci-Fi genre such as The Mandalorian, The Expanse, Farscape, Firefly, Renegade Star, you will probably enjoy this book.