Adam & Elese - An Afterverse story

Adam & Elese find themselves in an alternate afterlife in an alternate universe where space travel and high technology are commonplace. With the means to make their wildest dreams come true, they embark on an action-packed adventure to find happiness and fulfillment. But as they delve deeper into this new wondrous life, they soon realize that the true path to happiness may be more complicated than they imagined. Will they find the gratification and happiness they desire in The After? 

Adam & Elese - An Afterverse Story is a side story to the main Afterverse series. The story takes place in the same universe and has some character and situation overlap with both book 1 and book 2 of the Afterverse series. It makes a great read for those who have read the books or as an introduction to my style of writing. The main characters introduced in this Novella will play roles in book 3 of the Afterverse.

This story is a fun look at what would happen if people got dropped into alternate afterlife in an alternate universe where all basic needs are met. What would you do given their situation? Personally, I would look for an interesting life with interesting people. Not all life in space needs to be war, some can be fun. But sometimes you need to work for the fun and sometimes you need to fight.

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